City Lights Part 1 Album


© + ℗ Volenté Lloyd 2021

Release Date 2021.08.03


South Wales based singer-songwriter Volenté, returns with her exciting new album entitled City Lights Part 1 due for release on August 3, 2021.  City Lights Part 1 presents a real treat for the distinguished listener and for those wanting something a little different.


Volenté's unique vocals, combined with the beautifully arranged alternative instrumentation will take the listener on an enchanting journey.

“elements pulling together to create her own unique sound.”

“one of South Wales’ most exciting electronic artists.”

“The album tracks display a variety of genres taking the listener on an energizing journey, while experiencing a unique sound.”  Andy Howells, Entertainment News for South Wales

The theme is on love, loss and experiences in the city.


City Lights Part 1 will be available on all digital platforms worldwide August 3, 2021. or email for any further information.

City Lights Album Front Cover
Is This Real Press Release

Cold Clean

© + ℗ Volenté Lloyd 2002/2004
Original Release Date 24.05.04
Pre-Order Date  01.03.19
Re-Release Date 15.03.19

Available on all digital platforms

South Wales singer-songwriter Volenté is

proud to present her debut album Cold

Clean.  Having spent time on the music

scenes in South Africa and Holland, this

talented musician has been an established

part of the Welsh music scene for the past

few years, having performed on MC MABON

and JT Mouse albums, as well as being the

front woman of the acclaimed Maniana project in 2003.

Having been part of so many different projects, Volenté decided it was time to put her own music on record, so she wrote, produced and arranged this album and played most of the instrumentation on it! The haunting vocals, sublime lyrics and beautiful sounds on the album are sure to move the listener.  From the mellow How

Beautiful You Are devoted to her son, to her impressive vocal range on Bag of Chips, the album is packed with wonderfully original material. 

It’s hard to pigeon-hole Volenté’s music, though comparisons have been made to the likes of Bjork, cult indie favourites the Sundays, Lambchop and Kate Bush. This album presents us with Volenté's thoughts on life, love and loss over twelve haunting tracks all written, produced, arranged and performed by Volenté herself.  

All in all, Cold Clean is a great debut album from one of the most promising female artists to emerge in recent years ...

OUT NOW copy.jpg

VOLENTÉ returns with new album TOUCH

Catalogue No.:  CD001

Release Date:  January 27th, 2017


Available on all digital platforms –

 iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer,etc.


Following on from her 2013 single Broken Promises and described as “an enigma with a haunting sound that will stay with you for hours after the song has finished playing”, “a curiously chilling aura that’s more than captivating” and “genuinely unique.  Where has this girl been hiding? Incredible” 

South Wales singer-songwriter Volenté has further developed her electronic credentials with her new album Touch.  She’s already received a host of critical acclaim and champions boundary blurring creativity and imaginative creativity with the ability to create totally unique songs, while remaining true to her own style. 


“Never holding back in experimenting with sound and painting a rich colourful soundscape for the listener to enjoy and savour, Touch is the perfect introduction to Volenté and the first essential album release of 2017”.  Andy Howells, Entertainment South Wales


Once again all produced, written, arranged and performed by Volenté herself, represents Volenté at her best!

"A unique voice, both haunting and beguiling. One of the most interesting tracks I've heard for a while"  Rogue Magazine


“A breath of fresh air for those who want to get past the mainstream electronic R’n'B genre of recent times and listen to something a little bit different”  

"Volenté - Quite an otherworldly voice she has bit Kate Bush in places and musically this is pretty unique, fusing classical music drum n bass, snatches of Dub Step and Ambient, closest comparison would be Massive Attack. Fab". ents24

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Here's a sneak peak to the album! 
She's So Bored - Volenté
00:00 / 00:00
Hollow single

Gigs and Festivals - "If you like Kate Bush, classical music, dubstep and beautifully written lyrics then Volente's new single "Broken Promises" is the must-have download. Boasting an exciting new sub-genre of electronic music, which intertwines drum 'n' bass beats with operatic vocals, this captivating singer-songwriter offers a chilling sound that will etch its way into your mind and seep into your subconscious long after you've finished listening"

Rogue Magazine - "A unique voice, both haunting and beguiling. One of the most interesting tracks I've heard for a while"


Festivals for All – “With a quirky sideways look, Volenté offers up a nightmarish feast for the imagination. Electronics and the ethereal vocals combine to create a sound world that is at once contemporary and off-beat.”


Buzz Magazine – “Volenté is a lady of musical layers. On the title track of this EP, a liquid drum’n’bass line underpins soaring orchestral loops and a distinctive, floaty vocal that sets her apart from other outfits in the genre.”